About Us

Introducing Transform the Class, a revolutionized company created by the dynamic duo of two remarkable women and mothers who have embarked on an extraordinary journey to make a difference in the world of education. With a combined experience of over 30 years and a wealth of education, we have come together to establish a groundbreaking company that aims to revolutionize the way we teach and support students of grades K-5.

Driven by our unwavering passion and commitment to making a positive impact on students, we have dedicated our lives to understanding the needs and challenges faced by teachers from all over the world. Our extensive experience in various industries, coupled with our exceptional educational backgrounds, has equipped us with a unique set of skills and knowledge that sets us apart from other companies.

Our journey began with a simple realization, that teachers have limited time to plan, create, and transform their classrooms in order to set the stage to engage their students. We understand the challenging job that teachers face on a daily basis, so wanted to come together to create classroom transformations in a box to bring the magic to the classroom without all the extended time needed to plan, shop, and create innovative lessons. We are ready to embark on this transformative journey of setting the stage to engage and make teachers’ lives simplified.

Our shared vision was to create a company that helps educators worldwide seek magic in their classroom.

XX The Dynamic Duo