Our Inspiration Behind Transform The Class

Kim Bearden's remarkable contributions to education have not only inspired us but so many educators worldwide. As the co-founder, executive director, and language arts teacher at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, Kim's teaching philosophy has become the catalyst for our innovative venture – Classroom Transformations in a Box.

Drawing from Kim's emphasis on creativity, engagement, and hands-on learning, we have envisioned a comprehensive solution that encapsulates the essence of her groundbreaking approach. By packaging the magic of classroom transformations into a convenient box, we aim to bring the spirit of Kim Bearden's teachings to educators worldwide. This initiative is a tribute to her inspiring work and a practical manifestation of her principles. We understand that creating an engaging classroom environment fosters teamwork, excitement for learning, and stronger retention of skills. Our Classroom Transformations in a Box are designed to alleviate the stress on teachers, prioritize student engagement, and instill a love for learning in every student. In essence, our endeavor is a heartfelt thank you to Kim Bearden for being a trailblazer, an educator par excellence, and a perpetual source of inspiration for us.

Kim Bearden has not endorsed nor is affiliated with Transformtheclass.com in any way. The information is to give her a shout-out for all the inspiration and love she gives to the field of education.